Group classes are listed on the Book A Session and Events tabs when I’m offering them. One on one development and instructions are always available. I’m looking forward to working with you!

Tarot for Beginners
(Group Class)

In this 7 week course, we go over every card in the deck in depth so that you have a clear understanding of meaning. Exercises will help you connect with difficult cards and give you tools to enhance your ability to read tarot for yourself. By the end of this course, you will have a deeper connection to the tarot and feel confident in interpreting cards in an intuitive reading for yourself. Students will receive a workbook with tarot tips and exercises to do in class and at home, and will need to bring a tarot deck to class. Recommended deck: Smith-Waite Borderless Edition. Contact me for purchase if needed. Total class time: 14 hours

Intermediate Tarot
(Group Class)

In this 4 week intermediate tarot course, we will focus specifically on an in depth study of reversals, examining layers of meaning on a single card, building personal relationships to the cards, blending intuition and traditional meanings, and doing readings for others. Students will receive a workbook with exercises to do in class and at home, and will need to bring a deck to class. Recommended deck: any deck to which you have a personal connection and solid grasp of card meanings. Total class time: 8 hours

Dream Interpretation Class (Group Class)

This is a two week course, consisting of two 2 hour classes. We will talk about what happens in our bodies when we sleep, what role dreams play for us, why “one size fits all” doesn’t apply to dream interpretation, and steps to remembering and interpreting dreams. Students will receive a handout with interpretation steps, and will need to come with a dream of their own to interpret and share in week 1. Week 2 will focus on specific types of interpretations such as dreaming about people we know and people who have died. At the end of the two week class, students will feel confident in their ability to interpret and understand their own dreams and the messages and psychic information they hold. Total class time: 4 hours

Development Session
One on One


For those wanting to connect to their intuition, Spirit Guides, and larger purpose in life. This session is also for those wanting more individualized instruction around their dreams, and interpretation of those dreams. In this one hour session, we’ll talk about your intended outcome and do exercises to help you grow your own gifts. If you would like to book a package with multiple sessions, you will receive exercises to do between sessions as well as email support from me in between. Discounted pricing applies to packages.

Beginner Tarot
One on One


For someone who is just beginning their tarot practice and needs some one-on-one instruction. These one hour sessions will help you achieve a solid understanding of how to use tarot, and how to interpret cards that are difficult for you to connect with. At the end of each session you will have clarity around what you were struggling with, as well as a clear path forward for your continuing study of tarot.

Intermediate Tarot One on One


For someone who has a solid understanding of traditional tarot card meanings and is ready to take their practice to the next level. We’ll work on blending your intuition with card meanings as well as deeper and more complex spreads. At the end of each session you will feel that your tarot card readings for yourself and others are more intuitive, and that your connection to the cards has evolved significantly.


I first met Alice when I decided to buy myself a tarot reading at a market. It was new to me and she made my reading easy to understand and interpret. It was so helpful and accurate that I returned as I could for additional insight, and grew interested in her other offerings as well, such as Intuitive Counseling and a Dreamwork class. Every time I leave I learn something new about myself and feel connected to something greater. If you’re in need of some guidance or are purely intrigued, give her courses and readings a try – you never know where it might take you.

– Chandel

Studying with Alice for the past 8 months has been a blessing! She is an open, sensitive guide and teacher of Tarot as well as her Dream and Intuition Courses. Her teaching style demystified the tarot, as she guided us to trust our intuition while learning the images and symbols. Her Dream course offers tools to interpret our own personal symbolism, inviting us to use our dreams as a map for our lives. I love studying with Alice, highly recommend her tarot classes and readings, and look forward to more of her classes and workshops.

– Miriam

Taking Alice’s Tarot for Beginners course was the break my soul needed from the chaos of the outside world, and was a welcome invitation to go deep within myself in order to grow emotionally and spiritually. Not only did she teach the traditional meanings of the cards and practicality around the art of tarot, but she also showed me how to allow tarot to be a guide for learning to trust my own intuition and give new perspectives on how I perceive the world around me and my role in it. Everything that someone would need to know to begin a journey with tarot can be found in her class. Alice’s passion for her art was as strong as her desire to share her wisdom. She was kind, compassionate, and created an energetic space that fostered trust and safety. Working with her was such an amazing experience and the guidance and wisdom she shared is something I can, and will, take with me through my personal tarot journey..

– Zoë L