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Alice is a gifted intuitive. She was able to pick up on accurate, relatable, valid topics that I have been working on clearing. She is a headlamp in the caves of my being to shine a light on things I needed a different perspective on. I found her session was worthwhile, appreciated, and eye-opening. She was able to put words to things I couldn’t. She aided me in clearing some more of the layers of trauma.

Thanks, Alice for your gifts and for sharing them with your community! I am definitely scheduling another session with her in the future.

- Kiki

When life gets hectic and my self-awareness and focus become blurred with minutia, I meet Alice for an intuitive reading. Through the medium of tarot cards, Alice uses her understanding of the energy around us and the powerful effect it has on our lives to help provide clarity. Her readings empower me to draw wisdom and a renewed sense of purpose from my own positive energy, proving invaluable in times when life becomes a little overwhelming or distracting.

– Angie

I’ve had three tarot readings with Alice so far and I love her style! She’s a very talented tarot reader, her interpretations are approachable and so in tune with what’s going on in your life. I trust her intuition to guide us through the reading and her insight makes it easy to see the big picture. I highly recommend a reading with her, she will put you at ease and make you feel empowered to go take on whatever challenge is next.

– Bitty

Alice has been doing readings for me for almost 6 years. In that time, I have seen her grow in her practice and hone her craft. She has become an important guiding force in my life. Whenever I have a big decision or life-altering event on the horizon, I check in with her regularly. She has helped me learn to put more trust in my own intuition and given me the ability to expand my mindset when I needed to do my own self-introspection.

– J. Paskie

I was privileged enough to have Alice give me my first tarot reading. I couldn’t believe how accurate it was! I would have never expected a reading to be so powerful. She explored all the major areas of my life and brought such clarity to things I was needing more insight into, and guidance on things I was uncertain about. She confirmed a lot of things I already knew on some level, but wasn’t really able to recognize on my own. This was truly an amazing experience for me. She provided a lot of encouragement and explained each card to me as many times as I needed to fully understand the meaning and context. I felt the reading was very clear and “down to earth” in a way I really appreciated and could relate to. I knew there was truth to what she was saying and she genuinely cared about helping me. This has been my experience with every reading Alice has given me and I always look forward to my next one. I can’t say enough positive things about my experience. I highly recommend her.

– Maren

I worked with Alice on an intuitive dream reading. It was rather fascinating and the first time I've ever had a dream reading. I'd been struggling for a long time with finding my vocation, or so I thought. As it turns out, Alice uncovered a huge barrier I struggle with during our session: giving myself permission to embrace my vocation and run with it. There were numerous other intuitive insights that she deciphered from the symbols of her dream for me. As this was my first time working with Alice, I was stunned by her accuracy and intrigued by the images and scenarios that she dreamed and then unpacked with me. Not only was it intriguing and precise, but Dolly Parton made an appearance as a role model on how to organize my career and earnings so that I can contribute to the communities and causes I'm most passionate about. Also, after our conversation, I felt an energetic shift around my biggest barrier (permission). It was almost as if it dissolved away and I found myself letting myself explore different career opportunities and roles that would be more fulfilling on a personal level while also being open to contributing in new ways. As we discussed the meaning of the dream symbols and situations, I really appreciated that Alice checked in with me to see how it related to my experience and asked questions. I really was able to understand my question and answer from a different perspective that frankly, just feels very freeing.

– Heather